DEF Tech

DEF Tech is committed to unlock value, for your business, by using technology to bring new efficiencies.


Tech Consulting

Using technology to increase productivity and business' bottom line; we build tech solutions, for our partners, to fix their 20% of the most impactful business inefficiencies.

Capacity Building

DEF Tech has experts in various tech domains that provide training and coaching, to your employees, on the most cutting edge technologies and methodologies.

Business Digitization

DEF Tech has experience digitizing business processes and turning old paper archives into a trove of data that can be searched and analyzed to gain business insigths.

Operations Outsourcing

We have a lot of trained staff that can do the hard work for you, on contract-basis without long-term commitment of hiring employees.


Placide Nibakuze Profile Picture

Placide Nibakuze

Placide Nibakuze is an experienced software engineer and technology leader with a master's degree in software engineering. He has worked for several Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft, General Electric, and Stryker Corporation, and has a proven track record of successfully developing and launching cloud services from concept to launch. Placide is committed to staying up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations in the industry and is passionate about leveraging cutting-edge technology to solve complex problems and drive business growth.

Elijah Iragaba Profile Picture

Elijah Iragaba

I am a Technology enthusiastic with over 15 years of experience in IP/MPLS networks within a multi-vendor environment. I am focused on network design, implementation, network problems analysis, network optimization, troubleshooting and documentations of LAN, WAN, , 3G, 4G and 5G packet core and transport network (IPRAN) systems. I strive for great work ethic, leadership, team work and problem-solving skills.

Fabrice Benimana Profile Picture

Fabrice Benimana

Fabrice is a highly experienced software engineer with a decade of expertise in diverse industries and team leadership. His passion lies in building scalable systems, and he has a track record of delivering successful projects, from small-scale applications to large enterprise systems. Fabrice's strengths include critical thinking, strategic planning, excellent communication skills, and staying up-to-date with the latest technologies. He is known for his collaborative approach, mentoring abilities, and commitment to delivering high-quality results.

Joseph Masengesho Profile Picture

Joseph Masengesho

Joseph Masengesho is a highly experienced cloud enterprise architect with a track record of success working with large, complex organizations in Manufacturing, Financial Services, Healthcare, and Government. He has deep expertise in cloud and hybrid infrastructure, including compute, networking, and storage, and he is well-versed in application modernization using cloud-native approaches such as containers. Joseph has a proven ability to help C-level IT professionals assess their application landscapes and maximize the benefits of the cloud, including speed to market, ROI, quality, and compliance. Joseph is an expert in Kubernetes and holds certifications from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). He is also certified in Infrastructure Deployment with Terraform from HashiCorp and CICD Strategy from both Azure DevOps and GitHub Actions. With his extensive technical skills and knowledge, Joseph is a valuable asset to any organization seeking to innovate its enterprise applications. Currently, Joseph works as a Cloud Solution Architect for Microsoft Azure, where he is focused on enterprise application innovation. Prior to this, he worked for Deloitte and Slalom as a Cloud Solution Architect consultant. Before transitioning to architecture, Joseph worked for 10 years as a software engineer, gaining valuable experience in software development processes and best practices.

Desire Aheza Profile Picture

Desire Aheza

Desire has over 8 years of progressive IT experience in all the phases of software development in highly scalable & distributed systems, Retail, Logistics & Supply chain, Financial Services and Voice over Internet Protocol(VoIP). For the past 2 years, he's been working as a Senior Engineer & Tech lead, at Google, developing large scale software applications & supporting distributed systems serving millions of end users on a daily basis. Prior to Google, he worked at Walmart inc as a software engineer in the global e-commerce department on customers orders fulfillment applications. He has a deep understanding of cloud computing, architectural styles, design patterns including Microservice architecture, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Complex Event Processing, Lambda, Kappa, Event-driven architecture, Enterprise Integration patterns and J2EE design patterns.

Florent Turatimana Profile Picture

Florent Turatimana

Florent has been an Amazon Senior Software Engineer, working on large-scale and distributed systems that service millions of customers every day, for over 4 years. He has experience designing and architecting complex and distributed software solutions. He has built a variety of software solutions from Amazon internal tools, solutions that leverage Amazon existing services, to regular web and mobile applications, etc.


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